If you are looking for a general idea on pricing and what it includes, please see below:

Equipment Purchase ***

A conservative estimate has the Curling Stadium Streaming System coming in at roughly $7500.00 USD per Sheet of ice . Actual pricing will vary depending on club size, requirements, camera selection, and optional equipment. Please request a detailed quotation if you are interested specific pricing for you situation.

Please note that the price DOES NOT inlcude the actual labor of installing cameras and DOES NOT include the cost of materials and labor for Network Cabling.

Service and Support ***

The primary benefit that Curling Stadium provides to a club that wants streaming is having the system supported 24×7. We charge a nominal fee of $50.00 USD per sheet, per month for this service for the months that the system is operational.

Included in your Curling Stadium System Purchase and Contract:

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Camera – 2 Per Sheet – Typically mounted to the end walls of each sheet

POV(Point of View) Camera – 2 Per Sheet – Overhead cameras typically mounted directly over each house

PTZ Wall Mount – Camera Mount

Overhead Mounting Clamp – Camera Mount

Mevo Start – Small camera that provides ambient audo and an additional Wide Shot of the Arena

TV Decoder – Device to pull live signal from any stream to your in-house TVs.

POE (Power Over Ethernet) Network Switches – Providing power to the cameras and connectivity between all system components.

Network Controller – Network configuration and connection to the internet.

Wireless Access Point – Allows for Administrator access by club managers to the system.

CSPACK – Video Transport – Custom built computers and software that drive the entire system.

Install Setup – Configuration and Setup of the entire system to fit your club.

Shipping Charges

Also included are:

Full Custom Graphics Package for your streams (Club Logo, Schedules, Sponsors, etc.)

Automated Scheduling of League Games

Club Manager App for Stream Control during club events.

Connectivity to our Multi-Stream Platform – We can send each stream to multiple destinations on the internet for you automatically (YouTube, Facebook, etc)

24×7 Support

*** Pricing and components are subject to change.